Admission Policy

It is our intention that all students interested in pursuing a career in hairdressing have fair and equal opportunity to be accepted into the relevant course of study. We do not discriminate against ethnicity, gender, age, disability, social class, race, learning styles, values and life experiences. As such, our admissions policy is set out to make the enrollment of prospective students as easy as possible.

Entrance Qualifications:

A personal interview with a representative of the Carlton Academy is necessary prior to acceptance. The academy admits as regular students:
  • High school Grade 10 is accepted, but Grade 12 graduates are preferred, or holders of a high school equivalency certificate. Applicants must provide the school with a copy of their high school diploma or equivalency certificate to be accepted into the course of study.
  • International applicants with a valid student visa.
  • International applicants must also provide proof of high school graduation or equivalency certificate to be accepted into a course of study.

Admissions Procedures:

  • All Applicants for the full-time programme must complete and submit an enrollment form. This form must be accompanied with the proof of the deposit of course fees. The balance will be payable over 10 months.
  • All applicants for the part-time programme must apply for an interview with the Academy Director. On successful completion of the employment interview the applicant will be accepted into the Academy.
  • Applicants must present at least one valid piece of photo identification (e.g. ID or passport).
  • All Applicants must read and certify that they have read a copy of the school’s policies and procedures, any updates and inserts, as well as the enrolment and registration agreement.
  • All applicants must be aware that if they enroll but do not complete the full year’s education, they will still be liable for the full year of school fees.