Why can’t I find the price list on the website or anywhere else online?

Price lists differ from salon to salon and person to person. Prices are also subject to consultation depending on hair type: health, thickness, length and thus the reason why it would be best to receive a consultation in-salon. To request a price list for your desired salon, click here.

Do all your stylists charge the same price?

No, prices differ stylist to stylist and differ in level of expertise from Stylist, Senior Stylist, Executive Stylist and Master Stylist, who all charge accordingly.

Does the salon take walk-ins?

The Blow Dry Bar has a first come, first served policy – no appointment necessary.

Which brand of professional hair colour does Carlton Hair use?


Can I have my hair coloured if I’m pregnant?

It is a personal choice. The colour does not penetrate the scalp or get into the bloodstream. The only risk sometimes in pregnancy is that the hormones can affect the condition of your hair.

What different hair colour options do you have?

Davines Mask with Vibrachrom permanent and semi-permanent colour conditioning system, Davines A New Colour ammonia-free colour, and Flamboyage and foil highlights.

What is the difference between Flamboyage and foil highlights?

Foil highlights are classic from roots to ends long with even colour. Flamboyage is more of a technique, either to create a more natural look or a trendier uneven look.

How often should I get my hair trimmed if I’m trying to grow it long?

Every 6-8 weeks to remove the split ends. This will keep it healthy.

What if I’m unhappy with my hair or if my expectations were not met at the salon?

Please take it up with your stylist to fix your hair, or submit a complaint on our website in Queries

What training do your stylists undergo?

Full training is completed at one of our Carlton Hair Academies for the International Diploma in Hairdressing accredited by City & Guilds, as well as QCTO which is an Occupational Certificate in Hairdressing on NQF level 4. Training and refreshment courses in Davines home care and colouring. The Cutting Journey offers courses in cutting. Attendance at seminars and workshops by internationally-acclaimed trainers in cutting and colouring.

Can I colour my hair after having the Smoothening treatment done?

No, it is better that the Smoothening treatment is done after colour/tint has been applied. We recommend that clients wait one week before having the treatment done to allow the pigment to settle on the hair.

Can I have the Smoothening treatment if I’m pregnant?

Even though the chemical components in our products are very low, we recommend that pregnant women (especially in the first and last trimester) and children under the age of 12 avoid the process.

How is a Smoothening treatment different from a chemical relaxer?

The Smoothening treatment does not chemically rearrange the internal disulphide bond structure of the hair like a chemical straightener does. It can be used on coloured, tinted, chemically treated and damaged hair.

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