Master Stylist Stylist
Colour Tint
Colour (50g) R500.00 R500.00
Extra colour per 10g R100.00 R100.00
Alchemic Treatment R180.00 R180.00
Colour Highlights/technique
Full Head Highlights/Technique (150g) R1750.00 R1500.00
Half Head Highlights/Technique (100g) R1250.00 R1000.00
Mini Highlights/Technique (75g) R750.00 R750.00
Per Foil R100.00 R100.00
Extra Colour per 10g R100.00 R100.00
Mini Brazilian 10ml (Includes free Davines shampoo) R800.00 R800.00
Brazilian on/above shoulder 25ml (Includes free Davines shampoo) R2000.00 R2000.00
Brazilian below shoulder 35ml (Includes free Davines shampoo) R2600.00 R2600.00
Colour Lock on/above shoulder R550.00 R550.00
Colour Lock below shoulder R750.00 R750.00
Volumiser/Perm R850.00 R850.00
Relaxer: Short Hair R530.00 R530.00
Relaxer: Long Hair R950.00 R950.00
Relaxer: Short Hair with iron R730.00 R730.00
Relaxer: Long Hair with iron R1150.00 R1150.00
Cut only R540.00 R350.00
Cut & Blow Dry R650.00 R450.00
Gents Cut & Finish R400.00 R300.00
Gents Clipper R275.00 R200.00
Blow Dry (including wigs) R350.00 R260.00
Micro Mist Davines Treatment & Blow Dry R420.00
Clip-In Extensions R210.00 R210.00
Upstyle per 1/2 hour R350.00 R250.00
Wedding Day R7450.00 R7450.00
Davines Treatment R350.00 R350.00
Micro Mist Treatment R260.00 R260.00
Davines On Protection Treatment R550.00 R550.00
Davines On Protection Additional per 12ml R285.00 R285.00
Top Up Micro Mist R150.00 R150.00
Colour Package R1650.00 R1450.00
(150g of Colour, Cut, Davines Treatment & Blow Dry)
Highlights/Technique Package R1850.00 R1650.00
(150g of Highlights, Cut, Davines Treatment & Blow Dry)
Colour Correction Package R3000.00 R2750.00
(Full Colour Correction including 300g of Colour, Cut, Davines Treatment, Blow Dry & Davines Shampoo)
Extra Colour per 10g R100.00 R100.00

Student discount of 20% on all regular services (Discount excludes promotions/packages)
Stylist Price List applies to Executive Stylists with the exception of:
Cut & Blow Dry: R550.00
Cut Only: R500.00

"When you feel good about your hair, you feel good about yourself." Naima isn't just the hair whisperer, she is one of the most stylish women in the salon, an outgoing & innovative ray of sunshine. I absolutely love the FUN that we have in salon! As a model and influencer, I am continuously in the public eye with events, shoots, travel and castings happening all day. Thank you Naima and Carlton Hair for helping me to achieve the natural blonde hair that I have. Thank you for nurturing my hair with the love and treatment that it so desperately needs in my industry.

Saskia Topp Model & Influencer